Caring for knitwear​

Luxury items including knitwear take a little extra love to maintain visual appeal and longevity. Taking care for your new knitwear means it will stay fine for a long time.

  • Washing your knit less is the best option. It can be refreshed using a natural wool spray, airing outside and when washing is needed, follow the step by step hand washing instructions, using a gentle, eco neutral wool wash.
  • Do not tumble dry your knits, it´s bad for the fibers of the wool and the environment!
  • Natural wool will pill overtime as it´s not treated with synthetic coating. This natural process occurs as the shorter loose fibers come to surface with a friction.
  • Contrary to what many believe, the more luxurious the fiber, the more likely the knit is prone to pilling. 
  • Hand wash in cold water using a gentle wool detergent. Squeeze out excess water after rinsing by pressing the garment against the sides of the basin. Wrap in towel before lying flat to dry. Do not tumble dry or iron.
  • Never hang knitwear. Always store your garment folded.
  • Remove lint regularly to keep your knit looking as new.